Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kitchen progress

I can't believe it's in. that's all I have to say.

Tile update

Rick has been working on this all month. We've considered hiring someone to come in and finish but I think Rick would like to do it himself. We want to have this one finished up this week. It looks great, I can't wait to see it all done.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Subway tile

When I pulled the tile out of the bathtub enclosure termites were crawling all over the studs and the drain pipes were all broken and destroyed. I thought replacing a tub would be cake, its just a drain after all. How wrong I was and I had to call in a pro. Note to people renovating bathrooms, have a plumber install your tub, its painful. But anyway had a framer sister up some new wood to the old termite infested balsa wood they left behind and had the plumber hang waterproof paper stuff and cement board...I felt lazy but didn't have any bloody knuckles afterward...

Then my friend Buck and I started tiling the bathtub enclosure last week. Thanks to youtube videos and reading many a webpage we didn't have any trouble other than me not being able to do math (Buck can add, its amazing to see in person as it seems to be a skill both MArie and I do not have...sigh). Anyway Buck and I didn't get much done because we were either laughing or playing pool on the beat up old pool table the previous owners left in the garage (I will restore it sometime in the future)but here is a pic anyway. Note to self: Buck and I don't get anything done when we're together, we mostly act like 14 year olds. At this point I think we'll hire a tile guy to finish it up as I have a pretty busy next couple of weeks working. I'd like to do it all myself but it doesn't seem likely...sigh again.

Dear Soffits, Its not us, its you...

Here are two pics of the house after we removed the soffits from the kitchen and entry. The entry was really low and felt like you were entering a hobbit hole. The dropped ceiling wrapped all the way around to the kitchen and was strange to say the least. I thought we'd open it to find wires, ducts, and maybe a body or two but it was just empty space framed with huge 2"x 8" and 2" x 10" beams...none of which were load bearing...weird. I suppose trees didn't matter much back in the 60s. Anyway these pics are after the ceiling has been reframed and drywalled. Also widened a doorway into the kitchen ans learned that the 2" x 4" on the floor were not even attached to the foundation. Nice job original builders.