Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hooking up the supply lines from an Ikea faucet can be sort of weird as they aren't usually standard sizes (they are on the metric the rest of the world). They are also extremely short and wouldn't reach the valves under the sink. After reading many-a-web site I realized that this particular faucet (can't remember the name...sounded like when you gargle) is a standard 1/2" so all I needed was a quick trip to the hardware store to buy these handy couplings that cost way too much and connect the two lines together in the middle. Will it leak? I'd guess yes, at some point in the future when I'd rather it not.

Did Ikea fold to the American market and start making standardized supply lines for their faucets? I'd say yes, they did. U.S.A.! U.S.A!

Heres Wally helping me put in the garbage disposal and drains under the kitchen sink (still not completed).


Jacqui said...

Way to go, Wally. That's how Paolo helps me do my workout video in the morning. I would love to get them together. Paolo is addicted to his binky. He calls it his nee nee. So cute.

pepper said...

I'm still waiting on the final pictures. How are you guys doing?