Sunday, March 28, 2010

Main bath coming along

The gray tub had to go. We bought a new cast iron tub Friday night and Rick met the plumber Saturday morning to install it. We also had to decide what type of shower system we were going to use. The old tub had the hot and cold knobs with a third knob in the middle to turn on the shower. These days it seems most common for people to use the single knob that turns the water on full pressure and then you can adjust the temperature. This is a lot easier for kids to use.

I thought it was odd that you have no control over volume. The house we are in now is like this, and it feels like pin pricks. Out of 20-30 showers at home depot there was only one that had a secondary dial for volume, but it was in that oil rubbed bronze stuff. We had to special order one in chrome.

It's odd to me that in California where we are constantly asked to conserve water...why are there no choices to do so in your shower? Am I missing an option here? Can you have one handle in the middle and then buy a shower head that controls volume? If you know, please leave me a comment.

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