Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Naughty knotty pine

This is the existing kitchen. It has some problem spots, but all in all it's in pretty good condition. I've been having some anxiety about getting all this renovating done so we can move in April 1st. The main thing that has to happen is pulling out this kitchen so we can get the area prepped for the new one. So on Monday morning I listed this knotty pine kitchen on craigslist as FREE, thinking maybe some kind person would want it so badly that they'd come take it out for me. 2 minutes after I posted a guy called and wanted the cooktop. Then the calls wouldn't stop until after the 6th one in 20 minutes I changed the posting to email only and after 35 emails, I deleted the post. I thought I had the man, he wanted it but then of course (in craigslist fashion) decided he didn't. Several people wanted it for their cabin in big bear.

The first reason it's going is because this house was occupied by a smoker the second is it's
organized badly. It's all got to go. It's leaving this friday and saturday. If anyone wants it I can hold off on the new posting on craigslist that will go up as soon as we have it down. Just let me know.

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